Raising Money, Changing Lives

Zach Clarke, a development and leadership coach, said in one of his postings, “When it comes to raising money, you can only raise money for two things: Changing lives and saving lives. The challenge is to first determine, are we changing lives or are we saving lives? Then, how can we paint the picture of the person we will impact?”. This is a great perspective statement for a capital campaign.
If you think about the quote, we are challenged to think of raising money differently. We are not raising money to renovate a building but rather we are raising money to change and save lives. The building is simply a tool we require to facilitate the real task of Listowel Christian School – to change lives. As Christian teachers and parents, we daily present our students with an integrated package of curriculum and gospel which is a recipe for change.
To carry the quote further, how do we paint a picture of the person we will impact? That picture gets painted a hundred times every day as each child takes their last step off the bus and enters the classroom. Whether they are three years old or thirteen, each child is their own painting. Our task is to make a lasting impression on their canvass, to change their lives and ultimately to point them to Jesus who can save their lives.
This is an important task and it requires the best tools. An effective building is one of those tools. As we work through this campaign, as we consider our role in the financing of the project, consider your role in changing the lives of each child that attends Listowel Christian School. What an opportunity to have a great impact!
~The LCS Campaign Team

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