The Kindergarten program uses a thematic approach which is primarily based on the calendar year and student interests.  Our curriculum includes introductory activities, verbal communication activities, Bible, language arts,mathematics, art, music, phys ed, handwriting, fingerplays and stories.

Junior Kindergarten

JK meets every Tuesday and Thursday. The JK children are invited into a nurturing environment where they can grow socially and cognitively by being offered developmentally appropriate activities that work on a variety of skills. JK focuses on skills such as drawing, cutting, gluing, counting and some printing. JK also teaches the students social skills such as sitting together on a carpet and interacting as a group, sharing and playing together.

Senior Kindergarten

SK meets Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The SK program is a combination of intentional teaching and a variety of play opportunities for our children to explore and learn new concepts and ideas. SK students concentrate on learning the letters of the alphabet, phonemic awareness, numbers and printing. Assessment is the starting point for instruction in the Kindergarten program as it plays an important role in planning instruction, guiding the student’s next steps, and evaluating progress and achievement. An important aspect of the SK program is learning to positively interact with each other as God’s image bearers and to realize that God has given each of us a special gift and purpose.